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DESIGN A BAR LOGO!!! We are opening a new bar in Downtown Rome called The Dark Side of the Moon. The basic facts are as follows: We want people to refer to us as the


The Dark Side of the Moon


This contest is our way of getting a new and edgy perspective on what we already know we want. We are asking you to bring us a logo that is unique, something that will cause people passing by to give us a second or even third look. We are currently a well known and respected restaurant in town called The Harvest Moon Cafe, so if you would like to get an idea of our style check us out at myharvestmooncafe.com. The bar has more of an urban feel, corrugated tin, brick walls, blackboard menus, floating bar stools etc... Some ideas you may want to include (but it is not required) is our cow from the Harvest Moon, the moon, something to recognize our harvest feel (fresh from local gardens/brewers).

Additional description

[9/23 12:53 pm]

We are looking for an edgy logo, with a modern industrial feel. We are not looking for too much color, but are willing to explore. We like fonts that look hand written, and lines that are not perfect. We want this logo to stand out in a small downtown area. 



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Contest Entries: 59

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