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Hi I have held 2 competitions on this site and awarded $200 in prize money! So lets have only the best designs please Read below for the full description of what we would like for this logo Please feel free to email me at any point if you have a question Thanks


Teenage Party Planning


The Brand is called Club13 (Club 13 It is going to be organise events for 13-15 year olds in London, United Kingdom The events will be held in night clubs but will only have 13-15 year olds there and take place at 8-12pm We want a logo that is cool, fun and clubby and will appeal to the younger crowd. As it is also got the number 13 in it, i would like it to reflect the 'lucky/unlucky 13 style As it will be an event for a younger crowd it needs to not be too sexy or anything as parents won't allow their child, rightfully, to go to an event if the logo is too sexy Also it is going to be a members club as well, so we if there is a simple aspect to the logo that would be cool as well Any questions please ask I look forward to seeing the designs!!

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[7/17 8:37 am]

The text that I would like in the logo is only \\\'Club 13\\\'




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