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Looking for a logo for our new business Spades Poker Store. Our business supplies poker supplies for home games including poker chips, cards, tables, accessories and clothing.


Spades Poker Store


I am looking for a professional logo on a white background. I want the logo itself to include colour and I want a poker spade to be the focal point but also want the writing Spades Poker Store to be incorporated into the logo.

Additional description

[1/11 8:47 pm]

I am looking for a clean, legible font

[1/11 11:04 pm]

I want the focal point to be the logo and not Spades Poker Store. I want it to be incorporated into the logo whether it be below the logo or in the logo but I want the writing to be symmetrical with the logo if that makes sense. Also logo\\\'s on a white background please but colour in the logo



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