Logo design for a new fashion store

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Creative brief


This logo design is for a opening fashion store called Namba.




The customer wishes a logodesign for his store he is going to open. The store will have clothes for 0-12 years old kids und for women. For women they will just sell evening clothes, for kids there will be much evening clothes, too, but also normal kids clothes. The customers favorite is a white logo with a red background, but he wants to see that logo in red with a white background, too. The name of the shop will be Namba. To that name you shall add a

Additional description

[1/10 4:44 pm]

please use the colors red and white, no other except maybe black for the \\\"my fashion\\\". Besides you should make a simple and modern logo with creative fonts, so dont use 1000 layer styles, that doesnt fit. If you make a symbol make your own vektor graphics and dont download/pay them on a site like fotolia.



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Contest Entries: 33

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