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I am a Family Wealth Advisor, public speaker and author. �I need a logo both with and without the tagline.


Michael Palumbos


A timeless, classic and rich font for my initials....MWP. �With my full name running through the middle of the initials and the name fully distinguishable through the initials. �Like a white space with the full name through the initials?

Additional description

[7/24 5:21 pm]

After seeing the posts...thank you.  I own this other logo and I believe it\\\'d be best to continue the brand.  Use the symbol and the font.  just change Collaborative Family Office to Michael Palumbos.  Change Simplify It! to Family Wealth Advisor.

Thank you

[7/24 5:24 pm]
If someone wanted to use a combination of the original ideas and the second post that may prove interesting as well.
[7/25 12:34 pm]

It seems to get too busy with the initials and the logo combined.  Also there seems to be a difference in the recreation of the orange, blue and green rings.  The shadow in the ring seems a little softer in the original.

I raised the prize amount because I\\\'d like to receive a horizontal and vertical version as well as with and without the tagline.

Thank you

[7/25 8:35 pm]

We definitely like it WITHOUT the initials as in #33.  The font and the shadow in the blue, orange and green shapes seems to be off in that design.

[7/26 2:44 pm]

Michael Palumbos - same font and position as Collaborative Family Office

Family Wealth Advisor - same font and position as Simplify It!

arrows on each side idetical.

thank you


[7/24 5:21 pm]
[7/26 2:44 pm]



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