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Ours is a software development firm. We develop softwares(mostly web-based) and also provide a platform to budding researchers. The motto is


Realution Labs


We need a logo which is simple but at the same time should convey the ideas of revolution/realisation (Realisation as in realising ideas).

Keywords to keep in mind while designing: revolution,realisation,research,development (doesn't mean you should include all.)

I don't have any specific colors in mind.if you want a starting point u can start with green, that doesn't mean green is compulsory and please don't bombard me with all the green filled designs.

Just keep in mind that I would any day prefer out of the box designs to modern/contemporary ones.

Additional description

[7/22 8:22 pm]

Friends, just got an idea..which goes like this... a logo in the lines of "a guy pulling something from his head like brain/mind/idea whatever out and putting it in a computer " need not be exactly that..something on the lines of depicting "realising ideas" ..yes i know i asked for a simple design and this idea could make it complex...I don't mind it being complex if it justifies the idea...otherwise if u can't implement that..just try to stress on the letter R and make a simple but elegant design.



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